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Friday, June 17, 2011


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[XU TEAM Recommended]

Advanced but newbie friendly all purpose fishing, synthing, fighting and route traveling script.
n00b friendly features:
- Can fish in any resolution independent of user color configuration
- Will try to fight monsters caught while fishing.
- If the script fails to "fish" for 30 seconds it will pause, thus you will never stand in a spot trying to fish for hours with no rod, bait or even if you cant fish where youre currently standing.
- Can pause the script using F8, resume it using F9 and stop it using F11
- Delete rusty items without losing fishing time
- Sort inventory automatically
- Gil counting for fish caught.
- Beeps and pauses when sneak is wearing off to assist when sneakfishing in dangerous areas

Expert features:
- Item synthesizing
- Defend when attacked
- Run scriptable actions when a certain amount of time has passed
- Extra statistics (too small fish and rusty items)
- Tell detect
- GM detect
- Zoning detect
- Run along checkpoint lists
- Try to turn when you cant fish at the current location
- Talk while the script is running. (Does not work when running along a checkpoint route.)

Version history:
New as of 3.7.2:
- Probably fixed an endless loop in onBiteAdv logic.

New as of 3.7:
- Log handling changed for higher speed.
- Tell pixel detect removed.
- Can't fish here pixel detect removed.
- New events:
onBiteAdv(stamina, heavy, difficulty)
Use this event INSTEAD of the onBite event for higher detail.
onTell, onParty, onSay, onLinkshell, onEmote, onShout (name, text)
Use these to scan for interesting chat stuff
onGMMessage(name, text, channel)
Event overriding all above chat events in case it's a GM who says the line and a few more, read the source code to find them, only for the l33t
By default trigger after 10 no bites in a row (noCatchCountTreshold). If not assigned just beeps and pauses the script.
onGenericChat(name, text)
Fires only if associated chat event (onSay etc) is unassigned.
Fires when an area change is seen in the chat log. (eg. === Area: Selbina ===)

New as of 3.6:
- Synthesizer now only needs 2 color updates before working, should work out of the box for some people.
- New separate synthesis script if you just want to synth, not fish.
- Added mode debugging code for ffxiSerive related problems.
- Fixed an issue in the carp fisher.
- Added a new Zeruhn mines specific fisher instead of the saru one, this one runs across a zoneline and synthesizes insect paste when you run out.
- Removed the preconfigured Tell, GM, Zoning, Monster attack etc color detects since some people couldn't understand how they worked.

New as of 3.5:
- Better character name detection with extra error checks. (If invalid it generates a critical error with a message box.)
- Should now destroy rusty leggings.
- Checks for outdated ffxiService. (If old it generates a critical error with a message box.)
- Script will now press cancel if told not to bring in a bite.
- Added a windurst specific fisher that ONLY target moat carp and gold carp, aka no risk of breaking rods on rusties.


See this for discussion: ... php?t=8041

Credits also go to WyvernX for the Feb23rd fishing code.

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