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Sunday, June 5, 2011


Here is an amazing guide on how you can make over 100,000 gold per hour using a simple 3rd party hack. This is mainly for players with cataclysm but never the less its an amazing way to amass a ton of gold in the game. Enjoy.

Obviously this is farming BoE epics in bastion of twilight, solo. This method can be done with any class that can AoE while moving, I will answer any questions asked in this thread and add them to this post. It also requires a 3rd party hack that will allow you to speedhack and flyhack etc as you can see in the video.

The actual gold per hour varies due to RNG and variation in prices per realm, but you should make an absolute minimum of 50k / hour. Enjoy!

I'll do my best to explain what's actually going on in the video:
You will be farming Twilight Phase-twisters, there are 4 groups of 10 right in the first room of BoT. I start out by pulling the front left group into the back left group, and then evade reset them. This causes all the mobs to stay in the back, besides the mob you actually attacked in the front left group, he will run back to his spawn area. Repeat this process for the right side.

You are now ready to pull the mobs, wait for the pats in the middle of the room to be in the back and then grab both the back groups that you just set up. You should now be running to Halfus'(the circle room) room with about 40 mobs chasing you. Kite them around in a circle while AoEing just like in the video, then when they're dead loot and cross your fingers for epics.