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Friday, June 3, 2011

WoW Bots - Mrfishit 3.3.x.x Working : Working - World of Warcraft - Bots / Macros / Hacks

Currently updated and working with

1.Download and extract the files to a folder
2.Make sure you have the latest .Net Framework including service packs

1.Start wow as Administrator
2.Start MrFishIt as Administrator
2.Log into your World of Warcraft account
3.Go to you favorite fishing spot
4.Setup the options as you wish select lure options for stopping etc...
5.Press start it's the big grey button in the top left corner

How It Works
It Read/Writes from/to wow to get Object's and to Interact with them (no ****ing color recognition )
It check's if your dead alive etc. Works on Vista x64/Xp/Windows7

Shynd for his blog
MaiN for doing all the lua
Seifer for writing the ToS
Robske for the JChat chatreader
And everybody else in the memory editing section

Legal Note And Misc

Terms of Service

The use of this product comes with no liability whatsoever from it’s developer and/or
You agree to use our services at your own risk, and that the developer and/or distributors are
in no way responsible for any damage or harm caused from this application, in any way,
shape or form. This includes, but is not limited to suspension/bans of accounts our software
may have been used on, or any other form of restriction of access.

This product is free, and you will not be billed for usage. If you have paid for your copy,
please delete it from your hard drive(s), and obtain a genuine copy from one of our verified

We reserve the right to gather non-personal, system specific information regarding usage of
our software. Your information will not be sold, handed out or in any other way shared with
third parties.

This software is copyrighted, and may not be modified or decompiled in any way, shape or

These terms of service may be updated from time to time. Although we will do our best to
inform you of any changes made, it is in your own interest, as well as your own responsibility
to read these terms on a regular basis. Changes are effective immediately, with or without
your agreement. May you disagree on these terms in any point in the future, you are to
install and remove the software in it’s entity, and are not permitted to use it.

The Downloads
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)
Download details: .NET Framework 3.5
MrFishIt 4.2.9 – Updated for | Cerb3ruz

WG Botter - Automatically accepts popup boxes in WG

Useful Addons
Loot Filter - Addons - Curse
Karni's Crap Filter - Addons - Curse

Mini tutorial on how to write a plugin

Mini tutorial on how to write a plugin:
1. Reference Medusa and Medusa.Plugin and Medusa the rest speaks of itself!
2. Documentaion included and you can ofcourse use the intellisense and the object browse


using System;
using Medusa.Memory_Read_Write_Inject.Lua;
using Medusa.Object_Dumping_Enumeration;
using Medusa.Plugin;

namespace WGBotter
    public class WGBotter : Extension
        #region Overrides of Extension

        private byte FrameLimiter { get; set; }

        public override void Pulse()
            if (++FrameLimiter % 10 == 0)
                if (ObjectManager.Me != null &&   ObjectManager.Me.RealZoneText == "Wintergrasp")
                    Lua.DoString("StaticPopup1Button1:Click()   StaticPopup2Button1:Click() LeaveParty()");

                FrameLimiter = 0;

        public override string Name
            get { return "Wg Botter"; }

        public override string Author
            get { return "Nesox"; }

        public override Version Version
            get { return new Version(1, 0, 0); }



v1.0.0 Released 2008/10/05
Initial Release

v1.0.1 Released 2008/10/06
Added a button so you can   refresh the list with running wow processes

v1.0.2 Released 2008/10/07
Fixed the function that changes the title of the wow   windows

v1.0.3 Released 2008/10/07
Fixed so it wont crash if you press stop before you   start it

v1.0.4 Released 2008/10/08
Will now rename wow windows properly

v2.0.0 Released 2008/10/24
Updated for 3.0.2 9056 and some other minor stuff   fixed updated gui etc

v3.0.0 Released 2008/12/13
Total rewrite
more detection added
The issue with infinite casting is solved
Added lots of options and now saves and uses key   bindings different & properly

v3.0.1 Released 2008/12/13
Changed some build options

v3.0.2 Released 2008/12/17
Changed the way options   are stored and loaded

v3.0.3 Released 2008/12/17
Removed the old way of storing options and rewrote   it so it now uses application settings

v3.0.4 Released 2008/12/18
Changed the build options hopefully it runs on 64   bit Os now

v3.0.5 Released 2009/01/24
Updated for 3.0.8
can use injection for looting reluring and casting   spells altho it's a little buggy at the moment but ill update it soon   again
More timing options prioritizing lures (only works   when injection is turned on) also the possibility to chat when botting   if injection is turned on

v3.0.6 Released 2009/01/25
Update for the injection issues, works nicely now

v3.0.7 Released 2009/01/26
Added a textbox for polename and some other extra   options

v3.0.8 Released 2009/01/27
Changed the way string are being read and added some   stuff for the debug window

v3.0.9 Released 2009/01/27
Added a textbox for the skillname

v3.1.0 Released 2009/01/28
Removed the options for skill and polename
Will autodetect the pool again
Autodetect what client you are using and choose the   appropriate skillname
Some minor bugs where also fixed

v3.1.1 Released 2009/01/28
Changed one of the polenames for the russian client

v3.1.2 Released 2009/02/01
Now it reads the skillnames & polesnames   from 2 xml files also fixed the logout & stop when inventory is  full  option

v3.1.3 Released 2009/02/11
Updated for 3.0.9 9551
Changed the clientnames in the pole and skillnames   xml
some general code cleanup

v3.1.4 Released 2009/02/22
The injection features should be working again
Problems with the path to the xml files has been   fixed

v3.2.0 Released 2009/04/19
Total Rewrite
Updated for 3.1.0 9767
Selective Looting added, thanks MaiN!
Removed the Polenames & Skillnames.xml now   reading the ids out of the client
Major performance improvement

v3.2.1 Released 2009/04/23
Bugs in the form fixed
Updated Lua_DoString and made it patch resistant
Fixed the saving so it will save all properties   properley
Updated some other functions for 3.1.1
Changed the way it renames windows

v3.2.2 Released 2009/05/21
Uses   DLL Injection for interact & lua_dostring now.
hopefully it saves the options properly
some minor stuff.

v3.2.3 Released 2009/06/04
Updated for
Interact should work on x64 now changed all the   DWORD's into DWORD_PTR

v3.2.3b Released 2009/06/07
ConsolePrint   working if u look in the console u could see if the library was   sucessfully inject
incase it's not looting that could be the reason.
Anti Afk
Loottable should work better now too

v4.0.0 Released 2009/06/21
Rewrite, using the FSM   implementation Apoc posted a while ago :)
New Form
Saving/Loading settings work now
Loottable is working

v4.0.1 Released 2009/06/28
Fixed some minor bugs

v4.0.2 Released 2009/07/03
Decreased the time it takes   looting-> and then throwing again
readded the notfyicon and made it hide the main form   when minimizing
some other shitz...

v4.0.3 Released 2009/07/08
New gui! :D
Thank's to Apoc for being awesome as allways
moved it from my regular framework and made a   seperate one for MrFishIt
Some code cleanup

v4.1.0 Released 2009/08/06
Updated for
Some minor changes to the GUI

v4.1.0b Released 2009/08/06
Changed the adress of the string   representing the locale

v4.2.1 Released 2009/09/26
Updated for ;)

v4.2.1a Released 2009/09/30
Fixed the anti afk bug

v4.2.2 Released 2009/10/15
Merged MrTrackIt with MrFishIt
fixed the bug where it picks up the pole when using the fishing hat

v4.2.3 Released 2009/11/08
Arbitrary loading of states

v4.2.4 Released 2009/12/10
Updated for
Much improved temporary enchant detection of items

v4.2.4a Released 2009/12/14
Updated for

v4.2.5 Released 2010/01/28
Bugfixes - Whisper shizzle should work again
Removed the dynamic compilation of states
Added Extensions - It's possible to write plugins for MrFishIt now   making it do what you want!

v4.2.6 Released 2010/02/12
No more whacky antiafk

v4.2.7 Released 2010/03/09
Chatreader is working again, and the antiafk is   working properly as it used to

v4.2.8 Released 2010/03/25
Updated for

v4.2.8a    Released 2010/03/27
Updated for

v4.2.9     Released 2010/07/02
Updated for

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