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Friday, June 3, 2011


Here is a brand new rift flying hack. What it does is you will be in a swimming mode while this hack is running. Right now this hackis in alpha so it may be pay to use as time goes out.

To run the hack do the following
- Start rift and login
- star the flying hack
- click file attach and the rift pid will show in the right (pictures show) If it says wrong version then you are using the wrong version.
- When you are in game click eneable fly hack. It will make you go into a swim state in the game.
- If you want to stop just click disable.

Notes for the hack
- Its not 100% stable so it might have some problems with it. Its best to hold down the number 2 mouse button or use CTM to move around. When you get it down well you can fly around easily and enjoy it.



Here is a direct link for the file

Here is a virus scan of the file ... 4a9275ab41 ... 1304641627

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