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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Atheist Poetry

                       Rejection of Belief

When I say " I am atheist " it does not reflect what I "believe"
a statement made only stating: rejection of belief.
For if you say that Santa Claus, or Unicorns not real
does that mean I now know about life that you truly feel?

The word belief: hijacked. The faithful play a game.
Where rejection of belief and believing are the same.
To me faith is blind, absurd and lacking thought.
To claim my rejection of this is the same makes me scoff.

The theist comparing me
to him though is quite odd.
Why would thinking the same as you be something to be ashamed of?
Do you have a doubt? Do you feel your wrong?
Thought and logic applied to all else,
except scriptures and psalms.

I am not the one claiming supernatural things.
So why must I be the one to prove existence of a dream.
Fairy tales too have books to back them up.
Sorry if basing my life on one source is not enough...

Rejection of belief. Do you even care?
You claim by god is evolution, but I see no connection there.
Line your gods all up, thats theres more than one should seal their fate...
God did not exist, until god man did create.

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