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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

World of Warcraft Making Gold in 4.2 and NEW ARCANE MAGE PVP

onto something different not, WOW!!

Yes, I am back in wow and having a reasonably fun time in cataclysm, and thanks to sites like you can now take gold and generate actual game time!

Provided here are some tips for making gold in 4.2

1) Get a addon to scan the AH and one to open your mail for you.

2) PICK UP JEWEL CRAFTING AND MINING.  With the release of "Welfare" epics many people will be needing to REGEM all of their gear, and HUGE profits can be made.

3) MAELSTROM CRYSTALS. They are flying around everywhere now that ZA/ZG drop purples, you can easily find these under the AH price and re-sell for a good profit.

4) ARCHEOLOGY!! They have updated this skill so that the items over around 300 skill are giving very good gold! sometimes 2-300 per artifact, also the new 5 mans have things in the front to profit from.

Oh and i love the changes to arcane, I have been able to dominate in pvp with basically 2-3 buttons, very fun to crit someone for 62 k in a battlefield :)

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