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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Muslims Say Coca Cola Contains Alcohol

"Coca Cola contains alcohol 

One of the world's most closely guarded secrets the ingredients that make up Coca Cola has finally been shown to contain alcohol with a very interesting report by Al Jazeera.

It goes without saying that Alcohol is prohibited for all Muslims so go on be honest how many of you have had a can of Coke? LM is not in the least surprised that an Israeli Muslim is suing Coke for "mental anguish".

Coke are putting on a huge marketing effort across the Muslim world to try and convince us that there is nothing to worry about. From Malaysia to interestingly numerous stories in the pro American Middle East press there are articles denying the alcohol link.

Despite the denials this is one Muslim who remains to be convinced that alcohol is not present particularly when the recipe is supposed to be secret so how can we be sure. In addition, considering another multinational giant Nestle revealed their halal sausages contain pork LM is increasingly becoming very concerned over the reliability and suitability about what we Muslims are eating and drinking."

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