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Friday, May 13, 2011

Conversations with Theist Landlord

landlord: if only you knew the big picture.. the plan.. i know it.. but you do not, if only you could see it

me: isnt that kind of condescending?

landlord: no it's not, that is your ego getting in the way of the truth.

me: but it would be like me saying " oh if only you understood evolution you would see the big picture" and i do not do that.. i do not try to lord things over other people

landlord: it is like you sharing that ice cream w/ me.. you wanted me to taste it so you shared it.. i am simply trying to share someone as good with you!

me: well.. i do not consider myself to have a huge ego, and i have never even told you what i believe or do not believe. 

landlord: you believe in false doctrine.

me: what do i believe?

landlord: well umm.. i think you believe in science. 

me: i do not "believe" in science. do you "believe" gravity exists.

landlord: it is just a "theory" scientists change what they think all the time.. the word of god always stays the same!

me: but thats the beauty.. scientists change what they observe and it adds to the pool of knowledge.. we thought the earth was flat and needed to think that to get us to the point of knowing it is round, and also gravity is not a theory it is a law. 

landlord: well what do you believe and why?

me: well.. imagine that you get a letter from the president. it tells you that you are going to be sent to another planet to meet an alien race. but by going through the space time - whatever- you are going to lose all memory connected w/ any religious belief.

landlord: (interrupting) so you believe we are sent by aliens and have no memory (mockingly)

me: no.. let me finish.. im using an analogy to help you understand how i think. so, you arrive on the planet and meet the aliens, you have no memory of christianity.. and the aliens say "first order you must select your god, we will send elders from each god faction and they will try to get you to join them. 

you meet the mormon alien, the christian alien, the muslim alien, the jewish alien, the scientologist alien, the wican alien.. and so on and so on.. they go about telling you one after the other of their religion.. at the end of the day you see all of these religions.. realize that only one could be possible right.. but that all are more than likely wrong.. you ask for evidence.. but you are given none to prove the existence of any of their gods. you walk away not following any of them.

this is generally how i feel about life up to this point, and i use the aliens because to me for people to believe some of the things they seems almost alien to me and i have a hard time understanding how they can do it. 

landlord: you are selfish. you want god to come down and PERSONALLY show YOU something without YOU believing in him first. that would make you GOD if you could order GOD around. what would it take for you to believe in a god anyways!

me: some kind of proof.. some kind of actual miracle...

landlord: their are miracles all the time.. my wife knows a faith healer who can heal anyone JUST by laying hands on them

me: can he heal amputee's?

landlord: i dont see the point in that.. thats childish.. why would he need to heal an amputee for you to believe in his MIRACLES

me: because it would show that it is for real and not just a trick or placebo

landlord: you need to stop being so skeptical

me: well god did talk to me, he told me you should not charge me rent.

landlord: thats not true.

me: but wait, so thats not true, im assuming you would want evidence. 

landlord: well yes, if you can prove god told you that then fine.

me: don't you see the irony there.. you believe in things without proof, but when i claim that god told me something you demand proof.

landlord: because, god would not talk to someone that thinks like you do.

think i need to find a new place to live, i have known this guy for awhile now and he kept bringing up religion to me until i cracked and had this conversation. now i am the heathen living in the apartments worshiping satan in my free time.


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