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Friday, May 13, 2011

Making Gold in Wow 4.2

some tips for making gold in 4.2 version of wow:

1) get an auction house mod like auctioneer and a mailbox mod that opens all of your mail.

2) pick up Jewlcrafting and mining. As players upgrade their gear from ZA/ZG you can make a killing
selling gems.

3) do molten core! this instance is now soloable and a 20 min run can yield 300-500 gold.


5) Check the AH and trade chat for maelstrom crystals. People still need them and they are dropping alot more with the intro of za/zg. You can buy them in bulk from some players then re-sell on the AH.

6) items over 10k gold. There is a bug with the most popular mail mod that if a player tries to send a COD over 10k it will become 10k.. Although it is a scam.. fuck it ya know? Have players COD you items over 10k and if they have the mod you can turn around and sell the item making anywhere from 1-5k depending on the item.

7) get in a level 25 guild! there is a bonus to gathering if you are in a level 25 guild.. more output of resources = more cash= more gooder!

and please do not bother with the gold guides.. they will pretty much just tell you what i just told you but charge you cash to do it.

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